We're founders for better sleep.

Sleep is more than just how we spend a third of our lives–it’s the key to living the rest of our day to the fullest.

Ascent Labs started from personal experience.

As researchers working long hours day after day,we found ourselves never able to fall asleep quickly enough to feel truly rested. 

We spent thousands of hours researching for an efficient solution. Then we stumbled upon an old concept and a new research paper, combined the lessons learned from both of them,and created something that helped us sleep near-instantly, and happily; not just us, but for the EMTs, nurses, senior users, and many more who can achieve real, restorative sleep with Ascent Labs.

Why We Chose Nasal Melatonin

We're not stopping with sleep.

We realized we could make an even difference in the supplement aid space,and that's what we're doing.

From better sleep to around the clock support, we aim to make life easier and better for as many people as possible by putting the best possible products in your hands. 

How We Collaborate

Where we've been

One of the most important things we can prioritize before a 1000 foot elevation climb is getting a good night's sleep.