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Ascent Labs x Healthy Pathways



  • Anti-Viral Nasal Spray
  • Broad-spectrum protection
  • Local + Systemic Action
  • Works within 15 minutes
  • Easily Adjustable Dosage
  • Ethical, Potent Ingredients

ViraShield was created in a joint effort that combined the deep knowledge of oriental medicine held by Healthy Pathways with the novel formulation chemistry of Ascent Labs.

ViraShield's powerful ingredients act as general immunostimulants as well as specific, local anti-viral agents. 

* 2.5 months (75 servings)

How to Use (Upon Viral Exposure or Illness) :

  1. Use the Day Nasal Spray (Red) throughout the day every 2-3 hours.
    1. Spray 2 pumps in each nostril and 1 pump in the throat.
  2. Use the Night Nasal Spray (Blue) ONLY before going to bed.
    1. Spray 2 pumps in each nostril and 1 pump in the throat.

Relevant Research -


ViraShield is not intended to treat or cure sleep disorders or other underlying health issues that cause difficulty sleeping. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not to be used outside of its intended use. 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • How to use

      Use 15 minutes before bed time.

      1. Shake bottle before use.

      2. Inhale and hold breath to administer (spray once in each nostril. Slowly exhale for 5 seconds after spraying).

      * Don't snort.

    • Why am I not sleepy?

      If you wish to increase your dose, take another 2 sprays. Repeat until effects take place.

      Everyone has different natural tolerance to melatonin.

      Instant Sleep is made so that you can easily increase your personal dosage without taking excessive amounts of melatonin.

    • How do I take care of the bottle?

      - Carefully clean the bottle's spray tip after each use.

      - Store upright in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

      - Refrigeration is not needed, but can be used to reduce the sensation of the spray.

    • How much melatonin is in Nighttime ViraShield?

      Each spray of Nighttime ViraShield has approximately 100μg of melatonin.

      Daytime ViraShield does not contain melatonin.

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    Kimberley M.
    United States United States


    I had originally ordered this product to prevent Covid from taking hold in my nasal passages. I purchased the nighttime spray and it is also helping me sleep better! I immediately placed a second order for friends and family.

    Kimberley M.
    United States United States


    I was initially looking for something that would help keep my nasal passages Covid free. I went with the night formula because I also have issues sleeping. I feel it has worked very well for both purposes! I immediately told friends and family and ordered a few more bottles for them. I will be ordering more

    Bob H.
    United States United States

    Works Great

    We use this antiviral spray when ever we travel on planes or are in doors with large crowds to help prevent getting Covid …. Has worked great so far!

    Barbie K.
    United States United States


    This spray has made an amazing difference for me. I was recovering from pneumonia, then got covid, which was when I started using this product. I felt like I was bouncing back in "double-time". My daughter uses the nighttime formula and loves it as well. I highly recommend this product. ⭐

    Jason R.
    United States United States


    I had a post nasal drip that was driving me nuts due to causing a chronic cough. I went to my ENT and was placed on nasal sprays and steroids. Weeks went by and it was not any better. I had a friend tell me to try virashield. Two days after starting it, I noticed an improvement as I was not coughing as much. Two more days, the cough was gone! Thank you so much for stopping the cough. On a side note: I have not slept that deeply in some time!