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Ascent Labs x Healthy Pathways

Samples Order - ViraShield

Sample Order -
1. Big Bundle (1 night + 1 day) -> 30 ml glass bottle
2. Small Bundle (1 night + 1 day) -> 10 ml plastic bottle
3. Big Bottle -> 30 ml glass bottle
4. Small bottle -> 10 ml plastic bottle

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Ascent Instant Sleep products

    • How to use Instant Sleep

      Use 15 minutes before bed time.

      1. Shake bottle before use.

      2. Inhale and hold breath to administer (spray once in each nostril. Slowly exhale for 5 seconds after spraying).

      * Don't snort.

      Do not drive for 4 hours after use.

    • How much melatonin is in Ascent Instant Sleep?

      Each spray of Ascent Instant Sleep has approximately 100μg of melatonin.

      A recommended serving is 2 sprays, containing approximately 200μg of melatonin.

    • How do I take care of the bottle?

      - Carefully clean the bottle's spray tip after each use.

      - Store upright in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

      - Refrigeration is not needed, but can be used to reduce the sensation of the spray.

    • Why am I not sleepy?

      If you wish to increase your dose, take another 2 sprays. Repeat until effects take place.

      Everyone has different natural sensitivity to melatonin.

      Instant Sleep is made so that you can easily increase your personal dosage without taking excessive amounts of melatonin.