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Why Nasal Melatonin?

Why Nasal Melatonin?


It's more efficient.

Nasal melatonin is the most efficient method of absorbing melatonin, making it the fastest natural sleep aid on the market. 

Oral melatonin can take over an hour to work, and it’s almost entirely degraded before your body can actually absorb it. 

Nasal melatonin, on the other hand, doesn’t face any of these issues. It works faster and is also more bioavailable than your typical oral melatonin supplement. 



How it works

You can read more about how nasal melatonin absorbs more efficiently than oral melatonin here.




To compare-




What to look for in melatonin supplements.  

We pride ourselves on using less ingredients and additives compared to other melatonin supplements. 
Our nasal melatonin uses less ingredients overall, contains no sugars, and has no dietary restrictions because it doesn’t need to be ingested.