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Melatonin Sleep Sprays


Ascent Sleep

Scientifically formulated with optimizing ingredients, our melatonin sprays are minimally dosed and initiate sleep onset in as quick as 15 minutes with no groggy side effects.

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Melatonin Extra Strength

Deep Sleep

Now with 3x the concentration of melatonin per serving, Deep Sleep works with your body to support powerfully, restful sleep on time, every time.

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Better Boost

Day + Night Immune Support

Immune Support

Vira Shield Day Spray

Vira Shield Day Spray helps support your body to fortify a healthy immune response throughout the day.

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Immune Support

Vira Shield Night Spray

Vira Shield Night Spray combines melatonin and relaxing ingredients to help your body support a well-rested immune response throughout the night.

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Skin Care and Health

Ascent Labs X Khepra

Decarbonizing Beauty

Anti Carbon Company uses ingredients from nature to make a truly sustainable skincare bar that’s designed to gently nourish your skin and to improve skin aging without the unnecessary chemicals and artificial scents.

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